Sunday, July 10, 2005


I would like to take this opportunity (and hope all who read this do too) to pray for the lost ones that horribly perished on 7/7/05. On the morning of the tragedy I woke up and didn't even bother to turn the telly on, but started playing pro-evolution 4, it was only when my wifey told me not to go out and put the news on now.
As I switched to Sky News the horror that rushed through my body was sickening and make no mistake I'm a fucking hard bastard but this:-
Innocent people dying coz of some mindless inhumane cunts, who will surely go to hell for what they've done. But on a level now I want everyone to find it within themselves to say a prayer for one's who died and loved ones who know not whether their family members are safe. It's unthinkable to imagine what they're going through. Pray 4 dem.