Monday, June 06, 2005

Catch up!!


What a weekend me and the entourage have had it's been non-stop. Friday i chilled in my yard with the wife, saturday I went to studio to do some specials for Mexy (Shotta!!) (You manz are coming soon as well cause i know some of you dj's who have ordered specials are wondering whats going on but i have a list im working through!). Then on the night we was on Westwood's show on radio 1 acting professional this time!!!! After that we went to Peterborough to do a PA, big up all you Peterborough massive you went on hectic!

Link to listen to Westwood show - We are on the last 20 minutes.

Yesterday i went on Target's show and can i just say big up to all you rolldeep fans who represented the missed calls, my god you killed of the rinse phone over 200 missed calls.

Then last night i went to the London Galaxy studio to do an interview Steve Sutherland then i went home and crashed!