Sunday, January 29, 2006

Rolldeep presents Grimey Volume 1

There’s been lots going on in the Roll Deep camp over the past couple of months… ‘Roll Deep presents Grimey’ the definitive Grime mix CD & DVD has been mixed and ready for release on 27th February. To get the word out… the crew will be up and down the country throughout January, February and March… dates below, plus Trim has just finished his video for ‘They Gave Him An Inch’ on Mike Skinners label The Beats – there’s an exclusive edit of the video on ‘Roll Deep presents Grimey’.

‘Roll Deep presents Grimey’
Compiled by the 14 man crew and mixed down by the crew’s DJ’s, Karnage and Maximum, Roll Deep pay homage to those that laid the foundations to the scene labelled “Grime”, back when it’s only outlets were Sun City, Garage Nation and pirate radio stations. So Solid Crew, Mercury Award Winner, Miss Dynamite and Social Circles’ premier producer on the garage boards, Sticky, all get the nod from the Wu Tang of the Grime scene.
CD includes exclusive bars from Roll Deep, dubs from Danny Weed & Target, plus massive anthems from Wiley, Dizzee Rascal, Kano, Ms Dynamite, More Fire, So Solid Crew and Maxwell D.
Limited edition CD includes bonus DVD with videos to the mix CD, intros and commentary from Roll Deep, live performance and exclusive tour footage.

Released on CD and limited edition CD & Bonus DVD on 27th February through DMC –