Sunday, October 30, 2005


Why is Anthony Walker's death at the back of people's minds!!! It was at the back of mine until Thursday night when we performed at an Anthony Walker tribute event. I met his family including his Mother who had me in tears. They haven't forgotten i doubt they ever will, how can they!

I'm a big man and i'm cold hearted sometimes but his Mother moved me to tears, i held her so tight to me i could feel her pain. She looked me in the eye and said we was his favorite band and she could see why, then she broke down on me!! To see his family not been able to live there lives is heart shattering and the people who did this will go to hell!!

I have a white girlfriend so come and try it with me and see what you get you racists w@*kers, He was 14 years old!

Look at the pictures below and put this young boy and his family back at the front of your minds so you dont ever forget!